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Florida Bar disciplines 2 Sarasota lawyers
Pysczynski, who specializes in bankruptcy, civil litigation and workers' compensation law, is the subject of six disciplinary matters, according to Florida Bar officials. He is accused of taking more than $ 100,000 from six clients, which he failed to …
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Victims of bankrupt Lakewood Ranch builder get 23 separate trials in suit

Victims of bankrupt Lakewood Ranch builder get 23 separate trials in suit
Nearly two dozen homeowners filed a $ 5-million lawsuit against SMR in March 2013 after company-approved developer Paradise Homes went bankrupt and walked away from 23 unfinished single family residences. Judge Gilbert Smith Jr. signed the order …
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Genco Denies Undervaluing in Bankruptcy Trial
Lawyers for bankrupt Genco Shipping & Trading Ltd on Tuesday insisted the dry bulk shipping company is not being undervalued during the closing of a trial pitting the company against angry shareholders who wanted better treatment in the restructuring.
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Ex-All Black keeps up his bankruptcy fight
Fawcett, who played two test matches for the All Blacks in 1976, was declared bankrupt in September 2010 over an outstanding $ 1.34 million debt to the Southland Building Society for money borrowed on a failed subdivision, the Tairua Palms Estate in the …
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When the Bank Demands Payment in Full: Attorney David Soble Weighs 3 Options for Stressed Borrowers with Matured Business Loans

Detroit, Michigan (PRWEB) May 27, 2014

Although the economy appears to be on the mend, many business owners still struggle. Especially those with commercial loans taken between 2007 and 2009. They either received, or will receive bank demands that their loans are now due in full. Commercial loans typically have 5 year maturities and most banks will not provide more than a one year loan extension of the maturity date to pay back a loan. For example a business owner who took a loan out in 2008 with a 2013 maturity, and received a one year extension is most certainly feeling intense pressure from their bank to pay back the money –this year!

There are 3 realistic options that a business owner should consider when their bank demands payment of the loan in full:

1. Pay off the loan. In today’s restrictive banking climate refinancing sounds much easier than it really is. Banks infrequently rewrite their own commercial loans upon maturity. This is because the financial position of many small businesses has diminished since 2007. Also lending guidelines were more’ flexible’ then, with commercial properties reportedly having higher values. So unless a business owner has a load of cash to pay off the loan, refinancing with the same bank is almost impossible, and securing funds from an outside bank is increasingly difficult.

2. Negotiated Exit. Be assured that if a loan has matured and the borrower is not prepared to pay if off, the bank will begin a lawsuit. Defending a law suit can be expensive, but in most cases it will only delay the inevitable. Absent real legal defenses for bank misconduct or the mishandling of a loan, the best approach for a business owner is to negotiate a realistic “exit” from the bank with the assistance of experienced counsel. There are a numerous variables for consideration when negotiating a forbearance or settlement agreement, so unless a business owner is familiar with bank work out or special asset protocol, retain an experienced attorney.

3. Reorganization. Chapter 11 reorganization can be expensive, but it is an excellent remedy for business owners when a bank acts in bad faith or has become a relentless and unreasonable collector despite all of the borrower’s repayment efforts. . A Chapter 11 bankruptcy should be a final option, but it will halt collection actions and enable a business owner to restructure its business debt under court supervision. Chapter 11 legal practice is highly specialized and complex so seek a business bankruptcy attorney who can demonstrate past results.

There are few choices a business owner can make when their bank issues a demand for repayment: refinance, fight, negotiate or file business bankruptcy. Doing nothing however, is unacceptable. It’s an all -around recipe for financial disaster, and while a business owner may experience temporary paralysis upon receipt of a bank demand, weigh the options, seek experienced representation and take action.

About the Author: Since 1990, David Soble has represented lenders, loan servicers, consumers and business owners on residential and commercial real estate, finance and compliance issues. He has been involved in thousands of real estate transactions, being responsible for billions in real estate loan portfolios throughout his career. He has over 24 years of real estate and lending law experience to support his tempered cynicism.

Disclaimer: You should not rely or act upon the contents of this article without seeking advice from your own attorney.

Mastro chartered private jet from Toronto to Portugal

Mastro chartered private jet from Toronto to Portugal
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New Settlement Talks Ordered in Sex-Abuse Case
The Ursuline Sisters of the Western Province have found a lender willing to put up money to allow the order to begin settlement negotiations with hundreds of people who claim they were abused by priests and nuns in Montana, an attorney said Thursday …
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Man's mistake cost his children $400000 of an IRA inheritance

Man's mistake cost his children 0000 of an IRA inheritance
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As it hovers in Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, a local timeshare and resort development company is close to settling a longstanding legal dispute with the estate of a deceased Richmond attorney. And if approved, the agreement could end with the sale …
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